Digitalisation, organisational agility, the future of work, cloud computing, data security, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and the allocation of limited financial resources.  Just some of the themes and challenges that public services leaders across Europe have had to consider in the context of the modernisation of their administrations.  Maintaining public services during the Covid-19 crisis, and planning for the future, has however required a different focus and prioritisation of these areas as the shape of the post-pandemic economy and society becomes clearer.

BearingPoint’s research, including input from over 3,500 public servants across Europe, suggests that the public sector and its workforce has responded well to the challenges of the pandemic and is willing and able to continue to adapt.  As an industry, public service organisations are obliged to serve every citizen in the population, as opposed to having discretion over their customer base as in the private sector.  In this regard, the flexibility and innovation that has been demonstrated by the public service in maintaining services is on par or often exceeds that demonstrated by peer organisations in other consumer sectors like banking, communications and utilities for example.

BearingPoint works in partnership with our Government and Public Sector clients to design and build agile organisations for the post-pandemic economy and society. 

We deliver new business models, new operating models, new digital channels, new technologies and new ways of working so that our clients can run their organisations more effectively and provide improved experiences for citizens, businesses and public servants themselves.

Our Public Sector journal includes input and ideas from our Government and Public Sector teams based on their experiences of working on over 1,000 client engagement for central, state and local Government, health and social care, education and defence organisations across Europe.   

Check back regularly for our latest articles, thought leadership and success stories of what we have helped our clients achieve.

BearingPoint Public Sector Journal

Current issue 05/2021

  • New Work and New Leadership

    Improving the employee experience for public servants through new ways of working and building new capabilities and skills.

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  • Digitalisation and Transformation

    Enhancing the customer experience for citizens and business across digital and physical channels.

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  • New Technologies

    Using technology effectively to enable and automate public services value-chains.

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  • Current Topics

    Insights and perspectives on specific sectoral or functional challenges for public services organisations.

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